About Harold

Harold is the name given to the Richard’s Morris12/4 Series III, first registered in 1939.  Harold is a unique vehicle and the following is the story of Harold so far.

He is a four-cylinder overhead valve, 1548cc engine that was used in the Second World War as a civil service vehicle which transported flight officers to and from the airfield during the  Second World War.  On completion of the War Harold was put into a museum where he stayed for the next 20 years before the museum closed and then Harold was sold to his second owner.

Once Harold was sold to his second owner, an overhaul was carried out, but careful consideration was given to him as the owner did not want to lose that unique specialness that Harold had. His second owner updated the breaking system and then introduced the car  to the classic car paternity.

In 1968, Harold was sold to his third owner.

The third owner wanted to give Harold a second life, and decided to use him in the film world. In the summer of 1969, Harold was used in the filming of the Battle of Britain.

As the years moved on the third owner continued to look after Harold, always ensuring that he was respectfully cared for, but of course, like many classic cars, more time was spent tinkering than driving!

He was kept in the same family for a considerable time.  The family member responsible for Harold became ill, and unfortunately was unable to cope with the steering of Harold and so he came up for sale.

So in 2022, Richard became the fourth owner of this exceptional and unique classic car, known as Harold.


Availalbe for tour hire April through to October

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